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There are several locations in our areas that have been set up for camp activities such as scouts or schools. At the sites there are dry toilets, rubbish bins, barbecue area and usually also access to fresh water.
Some areas are reached by car or bus, others by archipelago ferry. All campsites are located in nature reserves where special regulations apply.


• Björnö Ramsviken, Norrviken and Gamla Ångbåtsbryggan (is booked at lager@kossornaiskogen.se)
• Gällnö (bokas hos kansliet@skargardsstiftelsen.se)
• Gålö… (is booked at Gålöhavsbad.se)
• Nåttarö (is booked at Nåttarö.se)
• Lådna (bokas hos kansliet@skargardsstiftelsen.se)