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Consideration Areas

In some areas in the Stockholm archipelago there are particular consideration areas where we as visitors are encouraged to be extra careful in order to preserve quiet places for both animals and people.


Just as the name suggests, it is about showing consideration and concern. Those who spend time in a consideration area are encouraged to:

  • maintain a low speed, maximum five knots.
  • avoid creating waves for moored boats and people swimming
  • use the engine as little as possible and avoiding leaving the engine running
  • not drive a dingy with an outboard motor unnecessarily
  • avoid noisy or otherwise disruptive water play
  • keep music and talking at a low level
  • avoid releasing the contents of toilets into the water

There must naturally be peace and quiet in a consideration area, whether you are skating, on foot or in a kayak. There must be no rowdy noises here regardless of what time of the year you visit. We also remind visitors to be tidy and therefore to dispose of cigarette butts, snus and barbecue coals in an appropriate waste disposal facility.

This is not new legislation. Despite that fact that consideration area in Stockholm County are in nature reserves, no additions have been made to the reserve regulations.  Consideration areas are based on respect, common sense and free will.