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Property Management

Property management is a very large part of the Archipelago Foundation’s operations.   The foundation’s properties include all of the foundation’s forty areas and the buildings in them.

Twelve thousand hectares or 12 per cent of the land in the Stockholm archipelago and approximately 2 000 buildings. The foundation’s property management encompasses the operation, management and maintenance of both land and buildings.

The Archipelago Foundation’s organisation is divided into four regions; Northern Region, Middle Region, Southern Region Mainland and Southern Region Islands. Each region has a regional manager responsible for leading the work of both rangers and entrepreneurs. The regional manager also has technical support in the form of the foundation’s quality and technical department as well as the conservation and environmental department, which provides help with questions concerning matters such as building conservation, farming and hunting. A large part of the property management is specifically adapted to the foundation’s circumstances, with nature reserves and a large number of historic buildings.

The work to maintain an open cultivated landscape is largely carried out with the aid of the foundation’s rangers and conservationists and, not least, with the help of our four-legged friends – the grazing animals. To some extent, the maintenance work is also conducted by our own staff, while larger work projects often requires outside contractors.

The Archipelago Foundation does not conduct any of its own commercial activities in its properties. Instead, the hostels, restaurants, holiday villages, shops and guest harbours are rented out to entrepreneurs who rent the buildings from the Archipelago Foundation and run businesses there.