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Svenska Högarna

  • Coordinates
    59°26'35.4"N 19°30'10.7"E
    Land area
    105 ha
    Alf Anderin
    Sarah Anderin
  • Tourist attraction
  • Information
  • Open hut
  • Waste and toilet

At the outermost edge of the archipelago is a group of islands known as “Svenska Högarna”, characterised by smoothly worn rock slabs, windswept juniper, brushwood and small copses.

Huge numbers of migratory birds stop on the islands to rest, and in the winter you can see grey seals and long-tailed ducks in the sea.

Svenska Högarna has a long history in archipelago fishing, and there are traces here of buildings used in herring and cod fishing as long ago as the medieval period. The waterways here were notorious in the age of sailing ships. A red-painted daymark was replaced in 1875 by the red-painted iron lighthouse, 19 metres high, that still today characterises the island group.

The lighthouse is now obsolete, but has been renovated on the initiative of the Archipelago Foundation and preserved for those who come after us. Today, Svenska Högarna is one of few locations in the Stockholm archipelago that has year-round staff, and operated by the Archipelago Foundation. The ranger employed by the Archipelago Foundation is the one to turn to if you want to use the overnight huts in the inner harbour.