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Själbottna and Östra Lagnö

  • Coordinates
    59°33'4.0"N 18°49'3.7"E
    Land area
    Själbottna 90 ha, Östra Lagnö 65 ha
    Johan Stavre
  • Bus stop
  • Well
  • Information
  • Kayak rental
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Parking
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Basic camp site
  • Waste and toilet

Själbottna has well-managed landscape characteristic of Roslagen, with old oaks, closely growing spruces, rock slabs, berries and mushrooms, perfect for restful rambling.

Through clearance, mowing and grazing, parts of the cultivated landscape of Själbottna are now being recovered. It is easy of access, with fine grazing meadows, comfortable bathing bays, leafy arbours, and popular natural anchorages.

The bays and rocks for swimming were discovered by boat owners at an early stage. A broad path passes through the region. One half of the island is nature reserve, while the remaining part has cabins and houses built by early summer guests and wealthy farmer-seamen.

On the other side of Storfladen we find Östra Lagnö, whose northern corner is owned by the Archipelago Foundation. Also here the meadows and fields are kept open and accessible. The reserve is well-visited in all seasons, when people come for swimming, exercise and the natural world. In the east, Brännholmen offers beautiful spaces by the sea for a few campers.

In the winter, tour skaters get off the SL bus here. The paths are used by both joggers and people with disabilities using a wheelchair. The bathing rocks are popular on hot summer days.