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  • Coordinates
    59°42'53.9"N 19°1'52.1"E
    Land area
    350 ha
    Leif Malmgren
  • Beach
  • Bus stop
  • Bicycle rental
  • Tourist attraction
  • Guest Harbour
  • Information
  • Kayak rental
  • Historic trail
  • Parking
  • Kayak / rowboat rental
  • Launching ramp
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Holiday village
  • Basic camp site
  • Educational area
  • Lookout point
  • Hostel
  • Waste and toilet

Farthest out on Rådmansö you can find Riddersholm nature reserve with its 650 hectares, close to the sea and easy to get to. It’s easy to get here by car, boat, bus or bike. Each season here is special in its own way, and there is always something to see and experience.

Visitors come to the reserve all though the year, and include campers, ramblers, bird watchers, swimmers, and photographers. We have 19 kilometres of clearly marked trails along the beaches and through a varied landscape with many unusual species and biotopes.

Orchids and wild garlic grow around Gunnarsmaren, and the most luxurious stand of cowslips in Sweden dominates Kvarnbacken at the end of May, while the nature reserve has the largest continuous deciduous copses in Uppland with ash and truly ancient oaks. There are hazel trees, marshland and meadows, with many red-listed species.

It was here that large parts of the Russian army landed in July 1719. Now a type of grass, blue hair grass, grows here that is only otherwise found in Ukraine. It is probable that seeds of this grass were brought here in the horse feed, and were left here, forming roots in the horse droppings.