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  • Coordinates
    60°31'17.9"N 18°23'30.0"E
    Land area
    292 ha
    Tommy Mattsson
  • Tourist attraction
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Hostel
  • Waste and toilet

In fine weather with good visibility, it is possible to look from the lighthouse on Örskär across Öregrundsgrepen and make out some classic lighthouses, such as Grundkallen and Engelska grundet.

In stormy weather, giant waves are thrown against the beaches, with cascades of white foam that reach the lantern of the white lighthouse, 33 metres above the ground.

From the upper part of the tower, it becomes clear that Örskär is an isolated, flat and low-lying island, with barren rocks close to the water’s edge. Away from the waterside, forests of skinny pine trees rise over the chalky land with its small-scale cultivation, still in use.

Below the lighthouse is the well-managed idyll that at one time constituted a society of sea pilots and lighthouse keepers. Today, sturdy stone walls are everywhere, with paths and windswept pines, marshes and tarns, hay meadows and sweet-smelling lilacs. Örskär is an important resting site for migrating birds and visitors come here to seek the rare pool frog that mates here at the start of June, and the many different orchids that grow on the island.