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  • Coordinates
    59°37'52.9"N 19°16'33.7"E
    Land area
    28 ha
    Leif Malmgren
  • Natural harbour
  • Waste and toilet

The Norrpada outer archipelago is around 30 uninhabited islands that promise several unusually well-protected natural anchorages where boats can anchor. The islands are characterised by their impressive rocky nature, smoothly polished rock slabs and rounded rock mounds, broken up by low-lying near-impenetrable undergrowth. Many boat-owners return year after year.

The depressions contain alder, aspen and ash, while special plants such as wild garlic, oregano, broad-leaved sermountain and Solomon’s seal flower here in the summer. The complete nature reserve provides valuable sites for breeding seabirds. A stand of yew that is unique in the archipelago can be found on Hallskär-Idskär.

The Norrpada archipelago, however, may be most famous for the fact that it is on Storskär, which is not owned by the Archipelago Foundation, that every three years the “Pelarorden”, or “Den oomkullrunkliga pelarorden”, founded in 1882 by actor Axel Hultman, meets.

Its members have included famous Swedes such as Albert Engström, Evert Taube and Olle Adolphson. Initially, only men could become members, but the order now welcomes women.