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Services and experiences

  • Coordinates
    59°11'51.2"N 18°42'49.5"E
    Land area
    ca 490 ha
    Jon Fjärdhäll
  • Shop
  • Sauna
  • Well
  • Marine servicestation
  • Tourist attraction
  • Farm Shop
  • Guest Harbour
  • Information
  • Café
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Restaurant
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Holiday village
  • Basic camp site
  • Lookout tower
  • Waste and toilet

Archipelago guide

Lotten Hjelm, archipelago guide.
Tel: 08-5715 8014

Tourist information

Tourist information is available at Östanvik gård.
Cell: 070-940 8195
Cell: 070-377 9764
Östanviks Gård


Östanvik farm offers guided tours to groups.
Cell: 070-846 7220
Cell: 070-564 2374
Östanviks Gård

Shop and kiosk

A shop is located in Solvik.
Tel: 08-5715 6017
Guns Livs

Farm shop

A farm shop and small café are located at Östanvik gård.
Tel: 08-5715 6418
Östanviks Gård


A restaurant is located at the Solvik jetty.
Open all year round.
Tel: 08-5715 6379
Nämdö Kök och Bar


A café is located in the Nämdö old school in Solvik.

Natural harbour

A natural harbour is located in Långvik.

Guest harbour and guest jetty

A guest jetty for day tourists is located at Östanvik gård.

Nature trails

Nature and cultural trails start at the information point at Östanvik gård.


Fresh water is available at Östanviks gård and at Långvik.

Waste and toilet

Skärgårdsmajor are located at Östanvik gård and Kyrknäset.


Temporarily closed.
A sauna is located at Långvik.
The sauna cannot be pre-booked through the ranger.
Read more about the Archipelago Foundation’s saunas.


A lookout tower is located at Nämdö böte, 42 m above sea level.

Archipelago museum

There is a museum in Sand that is a branch of the Archipelago Museum in Stavsnäs.

Museum of country life

The museum of country life can be rented for parties, birthdays, weddings and other arrangements.

The church

The Nämdö church from 1876 is located in Sand. Church ruins are located at the south side of the bay at Kalkberget.