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Services and experiences

  • Coordinates
    59°23'21.1"N 18°56'34.9"E
    Land area
    1800 ha
    Björn Sundberg
    Kalle Sundberg
  • Sauna
  • Well
  • Information
  • Natural harbour
  • Open hut
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Basic camp site
  • Waste and toilet

Information point

An information hut with an exhibition about the cultural history of Möja is located at Kulans uddar on Bergbo Storö.

Natural harbour

Natural harbours are located throughout the Möja archipelago: Ostholmen is perhaps the best known.


Fresh water is available at Kulans udde on Bergbo Storö, at Munkhamna on Granholmen and at Österviken on Lökaön.

Waste and toilet

Approx. twenty skärgårdsmajor are located throughout the Möja nature reserve.


Two saunas are open to the public and are located on Ostholmen south of Hemholmen and in Österviken om Lökaön.
The saunas can be booked on a list posted at the site at the beginning of each week.
The saunas cannot be booked through the ranger.
Open May-October.