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  • Coordinates
    59°26'0.6"N 18°53'8.9"E
    Land area
    142 ha
    Björn Sundberg
    Kalle Sundberg
  • Shop
  • Bicycle rental
  • Well
  • Marine servicestation
  • Guest Harbour
  • Information
  • Café
  • Restaurant
  • Kayak / rowboat rental
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Hostel
  • Waste and toilet

The Möja-Björndalen nature reserve on the northern part of Möja is perfect for active outdoor leisure activities with mushrooming expeditions and long beach walks. A varied natural world with old primeval forest, marshland, rock slabs and a rich fauna contribute to keeping visitors interested.

The reserve is a valuable area for scientific conservation and is part of a project run by the Archipelago Foundation known as “Living Archipelago”. The purpose of the reserve is to preserve and care for a valuable forest region while allowing parts of the land to develop into natural forest.

The easiest way of getting to Björndalen is to take the archipelago ferry to the jetty at Dragedet. When on Möja, you should not miss the opportunity of visiting the museum commemorating Roland Svensson, who depicted and painted the archipelago, newly opened next to the jetty at southern Ramsmora.