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  • Coordinates
    58°53'11.0"N 17°53'10.5"E
    Land area
    1060 ha
    Mikael Odenstig
  • Beach
  • Bus stop
  • Tourist attraction
  • Information
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Parking
  • Lookout point
  • Hostel
  • Waste and toilet

Where the southern tip of Södertörn meets the Baltic Sea, west of Nynäshamn, lies the Käringboda nature reserve. This area of outdoor activities consists of a narrow peninsula in the beautiful and well-preserved archipelago, and is easy to reach by boat, car or bus.

The reserve has good opportunities for active outdoor leisure with swimming, canoeing, cycling and rambling in the ever-changing countryside with forests, rocky lookout points, and grazing land. The swimming is best at Nynäsviken on the eastern side of the peninsula, and at Gravamaren on the western side.

Långholm Farm, now run by a tenant farmer, has a beautiful location between Nynäsviken and the gravel road that passes along the eastern coast of Käringboda. Grazing animals from the farm contribute to keeping the countryside open.

Marked paths and rambling trails of varied levels of difficulty make it easy to explore the complete nature reserve. The area has five car parks, four of them with toilet facilities. The car parks at Grava and Sågen have toilets suitable for use by people with disabilities. The pathway to the swimming site at Grava can be followed by people with disabilities.