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  • Coordinates
    58°50'15.0"N 17°54'35.9"E
    Land area
    725 ha
    Mikael Odenstig
  • Beach
  • Tourist attraction
  • Natural harbour
  • Waste and toilet

An insightful landowner is to thank for Järflotta having avoided exploitation and gaining its present status as a nature reserve. The reserve includes the two rocky islands and what used to be fishing sites at Viksten and Gunnarstenarna, the latter of which is the largest breeding ground in the county for the razorbill and black guillemot.

Gunnarstenarna is now a bird protection area and access to it is restricted.

Järflotta is as far south as you can get in Södertörn, and the eel fishing here was once considered to be the best in the archipelago. Agriculture and forestry provided extra income for a few smallholdings here.

Järflotta today attracts visitors to its excellent sandy beaches and its copious opportunities for rambling through the countryside. The Järflotta artillery battery, part of the defence line known as “Havsbandslinjen”, was once located on a height above the natural anchorage at Sågviken. Natural anchorages are also available at Sandviken and Skvallerhamn.

The narrow and memorable strait that separates Järflotta from the mainland is known as “Dragets channel” and was known in medieval times as a part of King Valdemar’s route. It was unnavigable for many years due to vegetation, but was dredged in the 1980s to a depth of two metres.