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  • Coordinates
    59°48'11.8"N 19°7'42.5"E
    Land area
    225 ha
    Jonny Nord
  • Well
  • Information
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Basic camp site
  • Waste and toilet

The landscape on Idö is held open with the aid of mowing and animals from Simesgården on Arholma that graze here.

There is no longer any resident population on Idö, but there are many fine old pathways that ramble between idyllic meadowland, smooth rock slabs, luxuriant marshland, old cultivated land and dense coniferous forest.

A visitor to Idö in the spring will meet the short-lived floral beauty of what is otherwise the barren outer archipelago. Oceans of wood anemones, fields of fragrant wild garlic, ballroom floors of cowslips. In addition, the island has large numbers of protected orchids, a rich animal life, and many seabirds that rest in a shallow and well-protected bay.

White-tailed eagles and ospreys can often be seen gliding past, while in the bay tufted ducks and mergansers abound, with goldcrests and black woodpeckers close to land. The island is also home to roe deer, foxes and badgers.

Both Idö and the neighbouring Idskär, with its yews and common stinkhorn, are popular with canoeists, before they continue across the bay with the descriptive name “Havssvalget” (“the ocean swallow”), towards the Sea of Åland.