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  • Coordinates
    59°16'41.8"N 19°1'29.6"E
    Land area
    1 ha
    Anders Södergren
  • Information

Three nautical miles east of Sandhamn, the Grönskär lighthouse towers over barren and remote cliffs that fall directly into the ocean. This beautifully preserved stone tower is one of the principal landmarks of Ostkusten, and is known as “Queen of the Baltic”.

The lighthouse was built in 1770 of granite and sandstone, and was initially powered by coke. In 1910 it was equipped with a lamp known as a “luxlampa”, powered by paraffin. The Grönskär lighthouse was passed to the Archipelago Foundation at the start of 1984 to be preserved as a monument to sea travel and safety in times past. The lamp at the top of the lighthouse is now a pleasant green.

What was once the lighthouse keeper’s lodgings is now a conference centre with an uninterrupted view to the horizon. It is not possible to get closer to the ocean, particularly when a storm is raging and the wind is howling in the chimney.

In the summer of 2016, the lighthouse was closed to visitors for an extensive renovation. This will make the Queen of the Baltic as good as new.