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Finnhamn and Kålgårdsön

  • Coordinates
    59°28'42.1"N 18°49'7.9"E
    Land area
    Finnhamn 248 ha, Kålgårdsön 75 ha
    Martina Högberg
  • Shop
  • Bathing Site
  • Sauna
  • Båtluffarleden's row-boats
  • Water taxi jetty
  • Shower
  • Farm Shop
  • Guest Harbour
  • Barbecue Area
  • Information
  • Café
  • Natural Harbour
  • Old Path
  • Archipelago Tavern
  • Rowboat and Kayak Rental
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Cottages
  • Suction Drainage Station
  • Basic Camp Site
  • Lookout Point
  • Hostel
  • Archipelago Outhouse

Finnhamn is one of the most varied and highly visited islands in the archipelago. Just about anything you can want from a visit to the archipelago is here: hostel, tourist cabins, camp-site, guest harbour, jetty, sauna, swimming, café and inn with rooftop bar, musical evenings and “the most beautiful view in the archipelago”.

There are also pathways that are ideal for rambling across the luxuriant island, with large areas of cultivated land and deciduous forest and two small sandy beaches. Idholmen has an ecological farm with cattle, hens, pigs, vegetables and a farm shop to visit.

A wealthy coal merchant from Stockholm had the large stone villa built in 1914: with its high location on rocks and a limitless view it was given the name “Villa Utsikten”. It has become a hallmark for Finnhamn – together with the largest boathouse in the archipelago.

Finnhamn is now a nature reserve owned by the Archipelago Foundation. The property is let to a tenant farmer after careful renovation, and an ecological mindset characterises every aspect of Finnhamn.



It’s easy to get to the fine bathing cliffs on Kålgårdsön from Finnhamn or Ingmarsö with the aid of island hopping rowing boats. You can also use your own boat to get to one of the sheltered natural anchorages on the island.

Kålgårdsön has never been inhabited. It is called Kålgårdsön (“Cabbage Farm Island”) because the inhabitants of Ingmarsö used to grow their cabbages here. Land elevation has led to what used to be two islands now being connected to each other, with just a ditch as border between them.

Kålgårdsön is a nature reserve, and what was previously cultivated land used by the Ingmarsö farmers is kept open by clearance and grazing. There is a large roe deer population on the island. The nature reserve encompasses also the smaller islands Klippingen, Knokan and Bockholmen.