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Visit protected nature

  • Coordinates
    59°11'51.0"N 18°45'7.3"E
    Land area
    28 ha
    Hans Strandfager
  • Well
  • Natural harbour
  • Basic camp site
  • Waste and toilet

There are regulations that limit the right of public access within nature reserves, national parks, and protected areas for animals and plants. The regulations have been drawn up to preserve the valuable natural world that exists within the particular reserve or protected area.

The Archipelago Foundation’s recommendations:

  • Maintain a low speed.
  • Avoid creating wake and waves that affect moored boats and bathers.
  • Do not run dinghy with outboard motor or similar unnecessarily.
  • Avoid jet-skiing, water skiing, and other noisy water games.
  • There is a shortage of fresh water in the entire archipelago – Do not waste.

Regulations for the Boskapsön nature reserve

In addition to regulations laid down by legislation and various codes, the following actions are forbidden to the general public:

  • Destroy or damage any non-moveable natural object or surface formation
  • Break off branches, fell trees or in any other way damage living or dead trees or bushes, or to otherwise damage vegetation by, for example, digging up brushwood, herbs, grass, mosses or lichens
  • Disturb the animal life by, for example, climbing trees or photographing birds’ nests at close range
  • Take an unleashed dog into the nature reserve
  • Camp for longer than two days without the permission of the landowner
  • Anchor a boat at any beach for longer than two days in such a manner that other people’s opportunities to enjoy attractive boating and swimming facilities are impaired
  • Light fires
  • Use such equipment as a radio, record player, tape recorder, or musical instrument in a disturbing manner