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  • Coordinates
    59°11'51.0"N 18°45'7.3"E
    Land area
    28 ha
    Hans Strandfager
  • Well
  • Natural harbour
  • Basic camp site
  • Waste and toilet

Boskapsö is only just over a kilometre long, but provides much for canoeists, campers and boat owners. This island, parts of which are truly hilly, was once pastoral land and now has fine meadows, cultivated fields, primeval forests and impressive rocky knolls.

Canoeists usually pitch their tents in the fields along the northern point, while the south has waste management and natural anchorages suitable for larger boats. Only a narrow strait separates Boskapsö from Nämdö, with its store at Solvik.

Boskapsö once belonged to shoe magnate Gustav Pott, who owned parts of the Bullerö archipelago. It was purchased by the Archipelago Foundation after Pott’s death. It is now a nature reserve and is grazed by animals from Östanvik Farm on Nämdö.