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Services and experiences

  • Coordinates
    59°13'49.8"N 18°33'37.2"E
    Land area
    340 ha
    Anders Aronsson
    Karen Andersson
  • Beach
  • Bus stop
  • Well
  • Barbecue Area
  • Kayak rental
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Open hut
  • Parking
  • Snorkelling trail
  • Basic camp site
  • Educational area
  • Lookout tower
  • Waste and toilet

Information point

An information point and exhibition about Björnö are located at Ramsviken.

Kiosk and bakery

A bistro is located at Björkviks brygga, about 1 km outside the reserve.
Tel: 08-5714 8000
Bistro Björkvik


A bistro is located at Björkviks brygga, about 1 km outside the reserve.
Tel: 08-5714 8000
Bistro Björkvik

A restaurant is located at Återvall, about 6 km outside the reserve.
Tel: 08-5702 8282
Restaurang Återvall

Kayak rental

Kayak rental is available at the entrance to the reserve.
Tel: 08-5714 2620

Natural harbour

Natural harbours are located in Småängsviken, Ramsviken, Norrviken and Näset, and on the nearby islands of Tallholmen and Kalvholmen.


Parking for approx. 250 cars just inside the reserve boundary with a path leading down to the beach at Torpesand.
Parking is not permitted outside of marked bays or on the road. A parking fee must be paid during the summer.

Waste and toilet

Skärgårdsmajor are located at all natural harbours.


Fresh water is available at Näset, Norrviken and Ramsviken.


A lookout tower is located at Småängsuddarna, with a view over Ingaröfjärden and Nämdöfjärden.

Designated barbecue area

Designated barbecue areas are located at Torpesand and at the campsites.


Torpesand has a fine sandy beach.

Snorkelling trail

A snorkelling trail for people with disabilities is located at Torpesand.

Skogsmulle trail

“Skogsmulle” is uniquely Swedish: there is no direct translation of the name, but “forest creature” or “forest Mulle” captures the flavour. The skogsmulle encourages children to care for, love and respect the natural world around us.
The Skogsmulle trail starts by the car park and ends at the water.