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  • Coordinates
    59°50'35.8"N 19°6'42.1"E
    Land area
    Arholma 230 ha, Idö 225 ha
    Jonny Nord
  • Shop
  • Beach
  • Sauna
  • Bicycle rental
  • Well
  • Marine servicestation
  • Tourist attraction
  • Guest Harbour
  • Kayak rental
  • Natural harbour
  • Historic trail
  • Steamboat jetty
  • Pumpout station
  • Basic camp site
  • Hostel
  • Waste and toilet

Batteri Arholma

Batteri Arholma (an artillery battery) is an exciting museum of coastal defence blasted into the rock at northern Arholma.
Tel: 0176-56040
Batteri Arholma


Båken (the Beacon), built 1764-1768, is the most famous part of Arholma’s silhouette. It is reputed to be built of stone from the ruins of Lidö Palace, which was burned down during the rampages of the Russian army. Båken is home to art exhibitions and sales of handcrafts during the summer months.
Arholma båk


Simesgården dates back to the 17th century, and was moved wholesale out from the village during a property census in 1868-1870. It is today a centre for agriculture, with housing for the tenant farmer and conservationist employed by the Foundation.

The Bull-August farm

The Bull-August farm is typical example of a farm in the Roslagen region. The long outbuilding has been converted to a hostel, Skärgårdsvandrarhem.
Bull-August gård

The church

The church arose from an initiative of the residents during the 1920s. The building had previously been a mission house, and was transported here from Kungsholmen in Stockholm. The decorations are the work of Harald Lindberg.