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Sustainable Gateways

The purpose of the project is to develop sustainable and attractive “gates” to protected nature through sustainable environmental solutions and increased business professionalism among harbor entrepreneurs. The result will be increased nature tourism directed to the guest harbors to protect nature in Finland’s marine national parks and the Stockholm archipelago nature reserves.

The project ports in Sweden are Grinda, Utö and Nåttarö.

Nåttarö in Stockholm’s southern archipelago has previously only had a few places for visiting boats at the tour boat pier. The project has enabled two new floating piers that in total provide space for about 50 boats in the guest harbor. A new service house with toilets, showers, sauna and port office has been built near the restaurant.

Utö guest harbor is a well-visited harbor with good service for boat guests. The service house from 1976 has now received a much-needed renovation and modernization within the framework of the project.

Grinda guest harbor is visited every year by many boats. In order to be able to cope with the increasing amounts of sewage, the capacity of the sewage system has been expanded. A project that is not visible, but which has a very positive effect on the possibility of continuing to receive visitors in an environmentally sustainable way.

In Finland, the harbors of Katanpää, Bodö, Örö and Jussarö have been part of the project.

Investment report Nåttarö
Investment report Utö
Investment report Grinda

Guidelines for Sustainable Harbor Development


Official project website

Project manager (The Archipelago Foundation)
Pia Berg
Tel: +46 (0)8-123 124 20

Project period
01/02/2018 to 31/10/2020

Total funding: €1 730 000