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Archipelago Access

The unique archipelago in the Baltic Sea has great visitor potential. There is a lot of information about activities and services, but the information is not coordinated. Visitors have to search in many places for inspiration, accommodation and travel information. In the Archipelago Access project, the Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County and the City of Turku will jointly collect and coordinate the information that is available and make it available through a digital solution. In addition, two physical exhibitions will be produced, one in the city of Turku and one on Utö in the Stockholm archipelago.

The purpose of the project is to make it easier for visitors to find the information they need to be able to visit the archipelago. The digital solution should coordinate the information that various actors already provide. The work with finding a suitable digital platform has begun.

Two physical exhibitions will give inspiration for the visit with pictures and facts about the archipelago. In Turku, the exhibition will be housed in Forum Marinum’s premises in Turku harbor. At Utö in the southern archipelago of Stockholm, the exhibition will be placed next to Utö mines. This work has also begun with the design of a visitor site including an exhibition around the mines.

Project information

Project manager
(The Archipelago Foundation)

Pia Berg
Tel: 08-123 124 20

Project period

1/4 2019 – 30/6 2021

Total finansiering: 1.461.306 €

Project partners and sponsors

Åbo stad Finland (Lead partner)
The Archipelago Foundation Sweden
Interreg Central Baltic