Vidinge and Vidingsöra

Nature reserve symbol

Vidinge is an outer archipelago with many islands, small and large. The old village, where the permanent residents once lived, is located on the eastern side of the main island. The main island is separated from Skäret by a couple of dredged and restored channels, and to the east of Skäret lies Österöran.

Difficult access, fine bathing rocks

Vidingsöra lies a short distance to the south. The islands have the special characteristics of the outer archipelago, with ground granite and gneiss slabs alternating with loamy hollows, sandy reefs and points. The Swedish words “ör” and “öra” are used to describe sandy or gravelly islands and points. Vigorous juniper bushes and heather grow around the rocky places, while the hollows are often filled with a nearly impenetrable jungle of bushes and trees.

Alder and birch are well established here, with rosehip, guelder rose and alpine currants. The ground flora is copious, with species that include wild garlic, Solomon’s seal and coralroot. Vidingsöra is a long sandy reef covered with alder and ash forest. The dense juniper undergrowth is difficult to penetrate in places. Ötterörarna, Söderören and Långstensören are home to fine bathing rocks. A couple of hay meadows have been restored by private individuals on the main island.