Culture and history

Oldest iron mine in the country

Utö rose from the sea around 10,000 years ago. The first inhabitants were probably nomadic fishermen and hunters. A permanent population of between 550-1050 lies documented in the graveyard by Skogsby. Iron was mined on Utö during the 12th century in what is probably the oldest iron mine in the country. Ore was mined until 1879. A new epoch began at the beginning of the 20th century when Utö became a seaside resort for Stockholmers.

The largest single investment

The Archipelago Foundation took over northern Utö and approximately one hundred buildings in 1973. This was the largest single investment by the Foundation. The aim was to create a popular archipelago destination for the general public, and at the same time to transform a neglected island into a vital and year-round archipelago community.

Today, the island, which is 10 km long, has about 240 permanent inhabitants. There are well-organised services for day tourists, holidaymakers and boat owners. Utö offers a beautiful archipelago setting, pleasant beaches, walking tracks, bike paths and numerous other attractions.