Utö Värdshus with hotel, youth hostel, restaurants and pub is a modern conference center. For accommodation there are about 30 hotel cottages of excellent standard and rooms in the hotel annexe.
Tel: 08-5042 0300
Utö Värdshus

Youth hostel

Utö Vandrarhem (STF) 72 beds.
Open 30 Apr-30 Sept.
Tel: 08-5042 0300
Utö Värdshus

Gula Villan at Edesnäs close to Spränga brygga.
Booking for groups.
Tel: 08-5015 7410
Gula Villan

Holiday village

Cabins with 1-8 beds.
Tel: 08-5015 7183

Basic campsite

A basic campsite with room for about 50 tents is located by the beach about 400 m south of Gruvbryggan.
Showers, toilets and a small service building for washing-up are available at the site.
Tel: 08-5015 7450
Utö Gästhamn