Services and experiences

Information point

An information board is located at the car park on Östra Lagnö and an information cabin with a historical exhibition is at the steamboat jetty on Själbottna.

Kiosk and petrol station

A kiosk that also supplies petrol and liquid petroleum gas is located at Klintsundet on the adjacent island of Västra Lagnö.
Tel: 08-5424 3243


Parking is available on Östra Lagnö at both ends of the trail for use by people with disabilities.

Natural harbour

Natural harbors are located on Östra Lagnö and Själbottna.


Fresh water is available at the steamboat jetty on Själbottna

Waste and toilet

Skärgårdsmajor are located along the walking trails on Själbottna and Östra Lagnö.