Själbottna and Östra Lagnö

Nature reserve symbol

Magnificent natural surroundings and good views of the sea make Själbottna and Östra Lagnö popular destinations. Beaten earth paths, adapted toilet facilities and car access, furthermore, make Östra Lagnö an ideal destination for people with disabilities.

Ranger’s tips

Själbottna: The campsite at Vadörsängen is really lovely. And it doesn’t take particularly long to get here by regular boat. It takes about an hour from Vaxholm.
There’s a lovely sandy bottom at the bathing area at Norrviken, and in the autumn there are some fantastic spots for mushroom picking in the ancient, untouched forest.

Östra Lagnö: Brännholmen is clearly a special place. Being able to get this far out in the archipelago by car and then view the horizon is a unique experience. The best time out here is early summer, before it gets too crowded. The floral displays are simply breathtaking then, particularly by the sea, with all the waterside meadows. The path with disabled access is also recommended – a walk by the waterside here is a real highlight!