Covered with mixed forest

Rögrund is part of the Nämdö nature reserve, which includes also the northern part of Nämdö and the southern part of Uvön, together with Åsmansskären, which lies west of Uvön. Rögrund is covered with mixed forest, and the central part of the island reaches a height of 15 metres.

Smooth bathing rocks, ideal for families

A lookout tower rises in the centre of the island, giving a view across the bays with Dalarö in the distance. The island is great for families, even though it doesn’t have sandy beaches. Fine smooth rocks surround the island, and it is easy in many places to gain access to the sea. The concrete crocodile that has been in place since 1931 is a wonderful place for families to visit. It is possible to walk around the island along its beaches in less than an hour, and a detour into the forest may be very profitable in the blueberry season. The popular Sjöstugan next to the 35-metre-long pier offers both lunch and dinner, often based on local ingredients from the neighbouring islands. It is a good idea to book a table at the restaurant before setting out for the island.