Nature reserve symbol

Rögrund lies southwest of Nämdö, a small island with a 35-bed guesthouse that is serviced in summer by Waxholmsbolaget’s ferries.


Ranger’s tips

Rögrund has a familiar feel to it – staying at the youth hostel or visiting the restaurant is a bit like visiting a friend.

From the observation tower you can see the surrounding archipelago, and there’s rock bathing and easy access to the sea around the whole island. Rögrund is well suited to families with children, and the southern point is home to a concrete crocodile, built in 1931 by Old Man Christensen, which children are welcome to climb on. And if you visit the island in the summer, don’t forget to take the ingredients for a blueberry pie with you! The blueberries that grow on Rögrund are as big as American ones, and they grow on bushes that look like small trees!

NOTE! All bookings on Rögrund are to be made through Grundet, not through the Foundation ranger.