Röder is a picturesque outer archipelago with a small village on the main island of Bodskär. The buildings are small fishing huts from the time when Röder was a popular fishing area. There are no protected harbours, unless you have a shallow boat, but the islands can be visited in good weather.


Skarv lies furthest out to sea towards the east: magnificent, but difficult to access. There are no protected harbours here. House foundations and engravings in the rocks indicate that these islands were once important for fishing.


Kallskären is a beautiful group of islands composed of larger islands, rocky skerries and sunken rocks. Flat rocks alternating with small marshes and thickets dominate the larger islands. Kallskär has a good all-weather harbour on the southern side of the main island. The huts on the islands belonged to Crown fishermen.


Fredlarna consists of two island groups, Infredel and Utfredel. The skerries are characterised by large slabs of rock, small marshes and sea meadows. There is a small village on Stora Vånskär in Utfredel with about twenty huts and jetties.


Gillöga has a very special character and endless low, light-grey rocky islands latticed with shallow channels and straits. Crown fishermen used this group of islands during the Middle Ages. There was also a small chapel here until the end of the 18th century. There are still some small huts on the islands.