Röder, Skarv, Kallskär, Fredlarna and Gillöga

These islands form beautiful outer archipelagos and lie far out to sea in Stockholm’s northeastern archipelago. Most of them are “co-operative archipelagos”, i.e. they are mainly owned by a number of private individuals, while the Archipelago Foundation owns small areas. They are not nature reserves but the general public has access to them through the right of public access (allemansrätten), and because the Foundation is a partner. The huts on some of the islands are privately owned, so if you want to visit, please respect the privacy and property of other people.

Ranger’s tips

Several of these outer islands have been portrayed by some famous characters, such as the big-time smugglers Uno Österman and Lill John, and author Sven Barthel, artists Sten Rinaldo, Roland Svensson, and so on. These extremely special islands also have a mythical and exciting written history.

If you do some reading before you visit and explore some of these enduring accounts, it will add an extra dimension to your stay.