Nature reserve symbol

Riddersholm, far out on Rådmansö, is a perfect destination for excursions all year round. The reserve’s 20 kilometres of walking trails make it easy to explore. Many folk stay the night in the nature reserve, either camping or at the youth hostel.

Ranger’s tips

The best thing about Riddersholm is that the area is so easily accessible. You can get here by car, bus and boat, bicycle and motorbike.
Even though it is located on the mainland, it has the character of the archipelago, with its countryside and nearness to the sea.

The calcium-rich soil means that flowers really thrive here. We have an abundance of orchids, cowslips and many other kinds of flower, and the great thing is that there are so many of them. Riddersholm is also a large area with relatively few visitors, so you can spend time communing with nature along our marked trails.