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Örskär is the Archipelago Foundation’s northernmost outpost. A fascinating island, just outside of Öregrund, with an exciting history. The beautiful lighthouse and youth hostel give this island a special character.

Ranger’s tips

There’s an incredible view from the lighthouse across a varied landscape. In the evenings you can watch the sun sink into the sea – a real experience!

There are plenty of rocks and views of the horizon here on Örskär, but there is also a leafier archipelago landscape in the middle of the island and on the southern side. If you walk around the island, it’s like a ramble through the whole spectrum of archipelago landscape. The southern side reminds you of the central archipelago, but then on the northern side, the landscape transforms into the more barren features of the outer archipelago. It’s great here all year round and we have a lot to offer those visitors who are interested in nature and animals. Orchids, birdlife, and not forgetting the pool frog, which you will only find here on the Uppland coast and in Skåne.