Nature reserve symbol

Norrpada is considered by many to include the most beautiful outer-archipelago islands. Some of the islands have high bare hillocks surrounded by exotic and lush deciduous vegetation. Norrpada offers some sheltered natural harbours, despite being far out in the outer archipelago.

Ranger’s tips

Many boat owners say that a summer without visiting Norrpada is no summer at all!

It’s easy to understand this point of view. The islands are extremely well suited for people who like to drop anchor in natural harbours. Lofty hilltops and dramatic surroundings provide the perfect conditions for sheltered and deep anchorages for the night. There is often plenty of room at Norrpada, and several of the inlets have fantastic sandy beds, inviting you to take a dip. The area is also thick with yew trees, a veritable forest, which is the densest yew-tree forest in the archipelago. In the spring you can pick wild garlic everywhere, and if you are passing by boat you can sometimes get a waft of the scent, when the wind is blowing in the right direction.