Nature reserve symbol

This popular holiday island attracts beachgoers, day visitors and holidaymakers, and offers both cottages and camping. Good natural harbours make the island popular among boat owners.

Ranger’s tips

With all its lovely sandy beaches, Nåttarö is definitely an island for bathers. Most people who come here go straight over the island from the steamboat jetty to Stora Sand or to Skarsand wich often is a bit quieter. There is also a fantastic walk up there around the northern tip, from Skarsand round to Östermar.

For those who enjoy forest walks, I recommend going further south on the island. There is a protected Natura 2000 area here, with completely untouched virgin forest. You will find several unusual mosses and lichens here. The walk is 3-4 km one way, so if you go there and back it’s a whole day’s outing.