Nature reserve symbol

The Möja archipelago lies east of Möja – an island world with almost no settlements, frequently visited by boat owners.
The long coves and straits offer sheltered harbours.

Ranger Björn’s tips

There’s both outer archipelago and inner archipelago here, which offers a great variation. If you like going for walks in natural woodland, there’s Björndalen, which also has some great mushroom spots at the beginning of autumn. Otherwise, my personal favourite is the outer archipelago in the Möja nature reserve, where you can see the horizon from anywhere on the island. The many meandering channels such as those at Bockö and Sillö also add a special character to the archipelago around Möja.

Ranger Kalle’s tips

I think that the most attractive islands are those where we have animals grazing, such as Granholmen. It’s difficult to beat the open pastureland! The Möja archipelago is great in all weathers. You can always find your own little cove here – visit the outer archipelago if the weather is calm, or keep in the bays when the wind’s up.