Culture and history

History created by an American statesman and an artist

Two people in particular have given Långviksskär its reputation: W.W. Thomas (1839-1927), the American statesman who bought the main part of Långviksskär, and Axel Sjöberg (1866-1950), the artist who built a house and studio in Långviksskär village and portrayed the life of this archipelago through his art and photography.

The Archipelago Foundation bought eight ninths of the Långviksskär archipelago from W.W. Thomas’ grandson in 1983. The remaining ninth is owned by a fishing family who installed electricity as late as 2003. The Thomas family house on Långviksskär is now used as a scholarship house. The Axel Sjöberg Scholarship is awarded each year to two artists, photographers or writers, who are then invited to spend 5 weeks on the island.