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Långviksskär is a large, well-defined archipelago with around 300 islands, rocks and skerries, a beautiful landscape and exciting birdlife. The Archipelago Foundation’s scholarship house is located here.

Ranger’s tips

Långviksskär is an island far out in the outer archipelago, and you can tell this from the boats and visitors that come here. There are natural harbours here all round the island; you can take a swim at Utterkobben or Hallskär and visit the little village on the main island. The island itself is almost impassable in places, but there is a marked path that goes along the ridge, and it is also possible to cross the island from the village over to the western side. And don’t miss the view from the cairn on Söderö, across the whole of the Långviksskär archipelago. It can be difficult in places to make the climb, but it’s definitely worth the effort!