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Landsort is an old pilot and lighthouse station on Öja, the southernmost island in the Stockholm archipelago. About 40 people live on the island, with Sweden’s oldest preserved beacon and a beautiful natural environment. The boat trip to Landsort takes about 30 minutes. A 4-km walking track runs north-south through this long and narrow island.

Ranger’s tips

The highlight here is, of course, the lighthouse, and you must visit it while on Landsort. The rock formations on the western side are also spectacular. I would recommend a walk along the water from Landsort village up to Norrhamn, and then take the road back. The round trip (which can, of course, be done the other way round) is about 6 km.

My favourite season out here is autumn, with its wild autumn storms. A bit of rough weather is a real experience out here!