Services and experiences

Information point

Information points are located at several locations in the reserve, mostly adjacent to car parks.

Natural harbour

Natural harbors are located in Rassaviken, Maren, Gravamaren, and some other locations.


Car parks are located at Grava, Rassaviken, Långholmsgård and Rumpsaxvikar.

Waste and toilet

Skärgårdsmajor are located at several locations in the reserve, mostly adjacent to the nature trails.

Nature trail

“Huvudslingan” is the principal trail and is marked in red. It unites the other trails and runs for 8 km, mainly along roads. You can take a detour along a red/white-marked trail at the north-western part of the reserve to a lookout point at Vinsberget. Much of Södertörn, Nynäshamn and the surrounding archipelago can be seen from here.

A yellow-marked path starts at the Grava car park. It is nearly 5 km long and runs along the Gravamaren watercourse, past a beautiful glacial erratic, to come out at the Rumpsaxvikar car park. It then veers to the north past six giant potholes and along the ridge above Gravamaren, before finally returning to the car park at Grava. There are magnificent views across the landscape and the archipelago from the ridge.


Viewpoints are located on Vinsberget and near Sågen. From Vinsberget one can see large areas of Södertörn and Nynäshamn with its archipelago.


Beaches are located in Nynäsviken and Gravamaren.