A truly stunning cultural landscape

Idö has barren outer islands and skerries, forests and flat rocks, combined with the cultivated areas used by fishermen-farmers. The landscape is criss-crossed by paths that are centuries old and that meander between idyllic meadows, shady marshes and dense pine forests. There are cultivated areas and grove-like deciduous forests close to the buildings, kept under control by grazing animals transported here by ferry from Arholma. The meadows on the island retain their original names, such as Sjöängen and Per-Ersåkern. The area next to the meadows is abundant with pollard ash trees, and several large cairns, which provide evidence of early agriculture.

Orchids and birds

The island is rich in birdlife and has a large collection of orchids, including the elder-flowered orchid, early purple orchid, heath spotted orchid and military orchid (all protected species). The white-tailed eagle and osprey can often be seen gliding past, and on the inlet there are tufted ducks, long-tailed ducks and goosanders. Further in towards land you can see the goldcrest and black woodpecker. Roe deer, foxes and badgers can also be seen on the island.