Nature reserve symbol

Hjälmö-Lådna is a large nature reserve in the heart of the central archipelago. Many consider this to be one of the most beautiful parts of the archipelago with its pastoral landscape and old farm lands. Some of the farms are still in use and grazing animals keeps the landscape open.

Ranger’s tips, Hjälmö-Lådna

These islands are a classic example of the landscape in the central part of the archipelago. Beautiful, leafy pastureland, combined with untouched natural habitats, which are home to dozens of attractive flowers, such as at Hästnacken. The Archipelago Foundation has two farms operating in the reserve, the Schierman farm Västergården on Hjälmö and the Sjöblom farm Oppgården on Lådna.

Ranger’s tips, Träskö-Storö

It’s mainly the natural harbours here that attract people – there are inlets that provide shelter from all weather. The main area that attracts visitors by boat is the shallow inlet on the northern side, where there is also an extremely popular sauna!

My personal tip for this part of the reserve is a small inlet at the southwestern point of Träskö-Storö in the direction of Flakholmen. There are some incredibly beautiful hills and lovely countryside here. If you’re really lucky, you might even spot an eagle owl! Träskö-Storö can only be reached by private boat.