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Grönskär, three nautical miles east of Sandhamn, has a beautiful 26-metre lighthouse known as “Queen of the Baltic”.

In the summer of 2016 (june-september) the lighthouse is closed to visitors because of extensive renovation.

Ranger’s tips

The view here is fantastic in every direction! Of course the best view is from the top of the lighthouse, but the view is also stunning down on the island, whichever way you look.

Grönskär is an incredible place to work, with its completely open landscape. The buildings are also beautiful, and each one has its own story to tell. The lighthouse naturally catches your eye out here, but it’s also lovely how the other buildings and the lighthouse form a complete unit together.

If you’re planning to visit Grönskär, it’s worth noting that it’s easier to get here in a small boat that you can moor at the jetty. You can find good rocks to moor at with a larger yacht, but you’ll need very calm weather for that. Look out for heavy swell – don’t attempt the journey here if it’s been windy the previous day. And it shouldn’t be too windy on the day you travel either!