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Grinda is the perfect destination for a day excursion in the archipelago. The restaurant is well known for its charm and fine cuisine. Explore the island and visit the lookouts, or stay overnight in the hotel.

Ranger’s tips

This is the first public island that visitors meet on their way to the outer archipelago. The journey here is simple and quick. We have excellent boat connections and it takes 1½-2 hours to get here by boat from Stockholm city.

There’s everything here to make your visit a memorable one. Walking trails, great bathing areas, rocks and excellent food at Grinda Wärdshus and the harbour restaurant, Framfickan.

Grinda offers you the chance to really experience nature, with its open landscape preserved with the help of grazing animals. You’ll get a bit more out of your walk if you take the nature trail “Grindastigen”. You can also visit the farm all year around, and see chickens, sheep and cows.