Culture and history

Interesting history of trained eagles and seals

Gålö used to be an island, and the area became part of the mainland in the 1850s as the land around the Baltic Sea rose. During World War II, the military had a seal station here where seals and eagle owls were trained to spot foreign submarines, a project that was kept secret for many years.

Medieval ancestry

Stegsholm is a farm with medieval origins, and the main farm is surrounded by subsidiary cottages. It has in recent centuries served, among other uses, as an agricultural school.
The low-lying land between Gålö and the mainland was previously a sound, which was filled out in the 1850s.

Building typical for Gålö

The Gålö Havsbad restaurant is housed in a building that is typical of Gålö. Several of the farms on Gålö consist of an unique combination of houses and animal sheds. Barns where part of the building has a paved wall while the rest of the building has a wooden facade are typical for Gålö. This style of building was developed in the late 19th century. The farm at the exit to Morarna and the Fröberg farm are other examples of houses in the same style of architecture.