Youth hostel

Youth hostel with a total of 16 beds.
Open June-August.
Tel: 08-5003 3880
Gålö Havsbad

Youth hostel at Hasslinge. Two buildings with approx. 27 beds, self-catering kitchen and family room with fireplace. Each room has 1-4 beds and there are washing facilities in every room. Sauna, showers and toilets are located in a separate building.
The hostel has its own beach, jetty, rowboats and football field.
Cell: 070-760 9290
Ekuddens vandrarhem

Holiday village

Holiday village at Gålö Havsbad with approx. 40 cottages suitable for all-year use with 2, 4 or 6 beds. Daily or weekly rental.
Tel: 08-5003 3880
Gålö Havsbad

Holiday village at Badhusviken with 29 cottages.
Cell: 076-898 7402
Gålö Skärgårdskrog & Stugby


A 4-star caravan and campsite at Gålö Havsbad (used as a caravan park the rest of the year).
For larger camps, a meadow at Spjutsundsäng with jetty, bathing place and some service can be booked.
Tel: 08-5003 3880
Gålö Havscamping & Stugby

Camping village

Gålögården has room for 64 people. A separate building has a self-catering kitchen and dining room.