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Gålö, about 45 km southeast of Stockholm, is one of Stockholm’s most popular outdoor recreational areas and can be reached by car or bus. The  holiday village and campsite here attract many visitors.

Ranger’s tips

This island has it all. There’s a 30 km trail that goes all the way round Gålö and that takes you through some fantastic countryside full of wild animals; you can often see 30 or 40 deer down at Skälåker. In season you can find berries and mushrooms, and there always seems to be enough for everyone, even through we do have a lot of visitors. I have my own secret places for berries and mushrooms that I’ll never reveal to anyone!

The archipelago’s longest sand beach is at Skälåker – a whole kilometre of family-friendly swimming. There’s also plenty of room for families with children at Oxnöviken. There’s some fantastic rock bathing to be had, and plenty of good sunbathing spots along the coast by Mysingen.

The fishing is also very good around Gålö and many anglers visit the island.

And don’t miss Stegsholmsrundan – particularly in May, when there is a huge floral display of orchids. (This walking trail starts by the Gårdscafé.)