Culture and history

Old buildings preserved on this cultivated island

Land levels rose after the Ice Age, exposing old seabed and enabling cultivation. The land level in the archipelago is still rising, about 40 centimetres every 100 years. The first settlers came to Gällnö during the Middle Ages.

As public transport improved, summer guests started to come to Gällnö, but even so, the there are relatively few summerhouses here. About 30 residents live here permanently. Most of the old buildings in Gällnö village have been preserved.

Karklö was acquired by the Foundation in 2002. The inner island is characterised by beautiful oak-clad slopes and carefully tended farmlands. The older settlements on Karklö are on the eastern side of the island, by a cove that served as the island’s harbour. The steamboat jetty has been moved to the western side of the island because of the rising land level.

The number of visitors to Karklö has increased in recent years because of the island-hopping route that runs through the island. The rowboat route, open to everyone, runs through the narrow sound opposite Brännholmen.