Culture and history

From crown property to nature reserve

Fjärdlång, or “Fjällång” as the archipelago residents say, was crown property during Gustav Vasa’s first period in power. It was sold in 1533 and now, after 450 years in private hands, it is once again state property, as a nature reserve.

The Thiel period

A new era began in the 20th century. The area, which had been owned and farmed by archipelago farmers during the preceding centuries, now came into the hands of people who were primarily interested in the natural world for the experiences and recreation it offered. Financier Ernest Thiel, known from Thielska Galleriet on Djurgården, purchased the island and surrounding islands in 1909. He had been encouraged in the purchase by his friend Bruno Liljefors, who had purchased Bullerön. Ernest Thiel built a large house in 1917, now known as the “Thiel Mansion”, which today serves as a magnificent hostel.
The Swedish government acquired most of Fjärdlång from Ernest Thiel’s son, Tage, in the 1940s.