Nature reserve symbol

The youth hostel, campsite, beaches and beautiful natural harbours have attracted visitors to Fjärdlång for many years.

Ranger’s tips

I think that Myggskären and the open huts where you can spend the night are a real highlight!

Out here it really is the peace and tranquility that attract people. For those that just want to spend the day here it is possible to get to Fjärdlång using the regular boat service. If you want to spend the night here there is the youth hostel and little Norrötorpet, which can be rented from the Foundation. Norrötorpet is well worth a visit in its own right. It is situated in the northwest part of the island and can be a little difficult to find, but ask at the youth hostel and they can show you how to get there.

Otherwise, Fjärdlång is an island for boat owners, with plenty of natural harbours that provide protection from all winds.